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Pro-80 / Pro-80+

F8 土豪金8路时序系统 


1.产品参数型号:PRO-80 出厂前均经过48小时的老化处理
Product parameter model: pro-80, the factory have to undergo intensive treatment for 48 hours
Scope of application: entertainment project series, (can use about 3~4 1000W~1500W power amplifier equipment). Civilian series: optional 10 meters distance to the remote parts
最大输入电流max supply current 60A
单路最大输出电流Single maximum output current 30A
工作电压Working voltage 220V/50-60Hz
每一路功率Each power 可达3000W                                                     WEach power up: 3000W
输入与输出电压The input and output voltage AC输入电压=AC输出电压  (下订单前请说明,可选配电压:110V输入=110V输出)                                                                    AC input voltage, =AC output voltage (Please indicate the order,optional voltage: 110V input =110V output ) 
输出电源插座Output power supply socket 万用插座,符合欧美标准。后面板8个受控万用插座                         Universal socket, in line with European standards. Behind the panel 8 controlled universal socket
插座材质 The socket material 每个插座材质磷铜,均通过检验才安装                                                   Each of the socket material copper, each socket all through the inspection before installation
每一路开关间隔时间Each switch with interval time 1秒 ,每一路带开关指示灯,前端配置一个保险开关按钮(BYPASS)                               Each switching interval for one second, each switch with indicating lamp at the front of the machine, a round hole for labor safety switch button (BYPASS)
继电器Relay 宁波松乐牌(原厂正品)                                              Ningbo Songle brand (the original authentic)
电路板线路The power supply circuit board line 采用60%高纯度锡,高端分流技术,经强化加粗处理                               The 60% high purity tin, high-end streaming technology, through enhancing the bold treatment
变压器Transformer A&C原厂正品                                                      A&C original authentic
电源线Power cable wire 3*6平方的电缆线,电缆线配置长度为1.5米                                           Cable 3*6 square meters,Cable configuration is 1.5 meters in length
机箱高度Chassis height 1U(符合机柜按照标准)                                                              1U (with the case in accordance with the standard)
开关 Switch button 船形开关                                                   The boat shaped switch button
单路受控功能  Each controlled function 没有                                                         NO.   
遥控功能 Remote control function 可选配,遥控器距离范围10米,(没遮挡物范围15米)                        Optional, remote control distance of 10 meters, (not covering a range of 15 meters)
联机支持  Connect the machine support button 没有                                                          NO.
电压显示表  Voltage meter  PRO-80: 没有  PRO-80+ : 有
滤波器Current noise filter 电容滤波器                                                                                  The built-in capacitor filter


PRO-80   价格:1550元
PRO-80+ 价格:1850元